Additional funds for materials and resources for the curriculum as well as the special programmes were needed both for the start-up as well as recurrent costs.

Some Useful Tips: 3P + 3S Formula

To promote and initiate concept-based curriculum successfully, the following are useful tips:

Purpose Be clear in purpose. Create a vision that is aligned with school’s mission, vision and values. Develop strategies to translate the vision into action.

People Form committees where members have both ability and skills to lead the change effectively. Empower committees to take risks and come up with ideas and activities and to put up action plans for implementation.

Process Advocate, communicate and cascade the intended change to all stakeholders. Explain the rationale and involve as many stakeholders as necessary. Equip the teachers who are implementing the programme with knowledge, understanding and the skills to help them succeed in the classroom. ‘Walk the talk’ as action speaks louder than words and has to be consistent with what is advocated.

System Conduct reviews of current systems and introduce improvements and changes to systems, structures and policies. Changes to systems, structures and policy are necessary so as to facilitate the progress and success of the change and to give credibility to the new initiative.

Support Share successes on a regular basis to all stakeholders in the community. Recognise and acknowledge those who have contributed to these achievements. Source for additional resources in terms of funding, staffing, facilities, experts, etc. Form networks and connections to build up continuity of support.

Sustainability Institutionalise the new systems, processes, structures and policies while putting in place the practice of regular reviews for improvement. Ensure there is continuity in terms of leaders and key personnel who have knowledge of the change and are able to sustain the change as well as make continuous improvement.

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