My Reflections on Implementing a Concept-Based Curriculum

My attempt at implementing a concept-based English unit raises the precise concerns, issues and challenges I have sought to outline above. Here are some of the fundamental questions/issues I have pondered over, discussed with colleagues and continue to think about:

Student Performance and Achievement

My students have been selected through intense testing and are clearly of a high- ability profile with generally sound fundamentals. They did attain high achievement levels at both our internal standardised tests and the state-wide national examinations. How much of this is due to their innate abilities and hard work? How much of their success in the English Language can be attributed to their exposure to a concept-based curriculum?

Student Profile

Were my students already predisposed towards a conceptual framing to help guide their thought processes? Did they already come with the propensity to navigate the complexities of higher order thinking interactions and navigate them comfortably? Implementing this, I was working with students who were by and large very quick and comfortable with such intellectual navigation. Their responses and quickness to the uptake clearly fuelled my motivation levels to continue with the concept-driven curriculum. How confident am I that there will continue to be this multiplier effect across the spectrums within the microcosm of Hwa Chong?

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