Learning in the twenty-first century is not just about learning facts, and this is something all teachers should know. It is the responsibility of the teachers to help learners become more self-directed and self-motivated, to evaluate their own decisionmaking skills and to make the necessary adjustments to the strategies when needed. As such, a concept-based curriculum, with its emphasis on principles and generalisations, is an appropriate way of helping learners to be independent and critical thinkers.

Although conceptual learning must be truly embraced by teachers, before there can be any success in the implementation of any concept-based curriculum (Giddens & Brady, 2007), adapting such a curriculum does not mean having to learn a brand new set of pedagogies or strategies. A whole-school approach for teacher training and concept-based curriculum writing, such as that undertaken by RI, will help the curriculum take flight.

A concept-based curriculum that is guided by best practices and a good understanding of the learners will no doubt provide the learners with skills that will equip them with the “wings” necessary to soar in their quest for knowledge.

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