Making Connections with Gifted and Talented Learners and Science Education

Appropriate science education curriculum that promotes high-quality learning is desirable for gifted and talented learners, along with all other learners. Access to such learning should be given for all learners demonstrating a strong desire for a challenging science curriculum in schools. Gifted and talented learners must be challenged using teaching strategies that cause these students to use critical thinking skills, focus on resolving science problems that impact society and use technology as a focal point to resolve science issues that require inquiry into science systems, change and scale. A rigorous and appropriate science curriculum which is relevant to the twenty-first century is necessary to prepare our high-ability students well to meet the challenges of the world and to contribute effectively for the betterment of our societies. Understanding relevant scientific concepts, applying the appropriate scientific research processes and tackling ethical issues of science and technology are but a few important skills and knowledge we hope our highly able learners can acquire.

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