Questions About the Concept-Based Curriculum

What questions about the curriculum would the evaluation team ask to identify curriculum strengths and weaknesses?

Macro Documents

Bybee et al. (1990) have described very clearly how the specific details of the curriculum fit into the framework:

A complete framework provides information needed to make decisions about the content, the sequences of activities, the selection of instructional strategies and techniques that are likely to be effective, appropriate assessment practices and other specifics of the curriculum... A framework is like the broad sketches of an architect’s plan. The framework gives an initial picture of the programme and is based on certain specifications. The architect’s plan has to fulfill certain requirements. At the same time, the more specific details are left to the contractors and the carpenters. Everyone knows there will be modifications as the framework is developed and implemented, but there should be some fidelity to the original intentions, specifications, and design. (p. 86)

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