This chapter aimed to produce environmentally friendly reduced sugar from agricultural waste. Bagasse was therefore added to thermostable cellulose bacteria strain T4 to decompose cellulose with microorganisms and produce reduced sugar.

Activation and Growth of Bacteria Strain T4

Following the standard procedure for activating bacteria strains from the Food Industry Research and Development Institute, this experiment aimed to activate dried bacteria strains as well as ensure activation by growing it twice and mass producing it for the experiments. First, a bottle containing a double-layered tube with bacteria strains was held under laminar flow in order to open the bottle under aseptic conditions.

A Bunsen burner was then used to heat the top of the outer tube for 30 sec. In this process, bacteria in the tube cannot be heated. Aseptic water was added after 30 sec and the outer tube broken with tweezers. Meanwhile, the sheathing paper, inner tube, and cotton were taken out. Then, 0.3~0.5 ml of sterilized nutrient agar solution was dropped into the inner tube to dissolve the bacteria into a suspended bacterial solution. Finally, 0.1 ml of suspended bacterial solution was grown on a solid plate nutrient agar broth under four zone streak plate cultivations.

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