Organism Growth Curve Test

The test aimed to observe the growth cycle of bacteria strains in order to draw a growth curve, which was used to determine the growth peak of the strains for further experiments. The experiment was done on an aseptic plate. A 1 ml bacterial solution was inoculated into a 100 ml aseptic nutrient agar solution in an Erlenmeyer flask and cultivated in a water tank at constant temperature.

The equipment was set at 60 °C while rotating at 120 rpm. Within a 9 hr growth period, a spectrophotometer measuring a wavelength of 600 nm was used to measure absorbency every hour to draw the growth curve of the bacteria strains.

Production of Reduced Sugar

The cultivated T4 bacterial solutions were added to aseptic Bagasse broth at ratios of 1:6, 2:6, and 3:6. The goal was to observe the effects of varying concentrations on the production of reduced sugar. Bagasse broth with bacteria strains was then cultivated in a water tank for 3 hr. Equipment was set to 60 °C at a rotation of 120 rpm. The nutrient solution was further filtered bagasse and T4 bacteria to acquire reduced sugar for further utilization.

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