Homo Prospectus

Preface What This Book Is AboutHow This Book Came AboutReferencesHomo ProspectusIntroductionIntroducing Homo prospectusTwo Prospective PrinciplesProspective Principles of Memory, Perception, and LearningThe Prospective RegulatorProspection, Evaluation, Emotion, and MotivationReferencesIntuitive Guidance: Emotion, Information, and ExperienceThe Question of Psychological Realism—Could We Really Be Homo prospectus?Intuition and InformationAffect and InformationLooking Under the Hood—Do the Processes Underlying Our Conscious Experience Fit Homo prospectus?Intuition RevisitedNotesReferencesDeliberative Guidance: Intuitive Guidance in the Counterfactual ModeEpisodic ProspectionAffective RedeploymentReferencesImaginative Guidance: A Mind Forever WanderingComplementary Learning SystemsThe Extended CLS Model: Mind-Wandering as Deep LearningEpisodic Memory in the Surface SystemMultiple Deep Learning SystemsConsciousnessTrains of Thought: Distinctive Characteristics of Mind-WanderingDiscursive LinksEpisodic Thought: Autobiographical and ProspectiveEvidence That Mind-Wandering Enhances Deep LearningMind-Wandering and DreamsReferencesCollective Prospection: The Social Construction of the FutureReality and Social ConstructionMonday Is RealCulture as Biological StrategyHow Natural Selection Actually SelectedEarning TrustCulture, Time, and PossibilityMoney and TimeReligionReferencesProspection and Life's Enduring Questions Pragmatic ProspectionSlumdog's Lockstep Vision: DeterminismTerminator's Mission and the Reality of Mere PossibilityThinking About Thinking About the FutureThe Pragmatic Prospection PrinciplePragmatic Prospection in ActionWhat Is Special About Planning?Prospection and AccuracyIntelligenceThe Meaning of DeathReferencesFree Will and the Construction of OptionsThe Power to Construct OptionsOptions for Self-ExpressionThe Phenomenology of FreedomWillingReferencesEmotions: How the Future Feels (and Could Feel)Current Affect as Signal for Future Expected EmotionTwo Meanings (and Kinds) of EmotionSimulating the FutureThe Case for Anticipated EmotionGuilt as Anticipated EmotionDecisions, Thoughts, and FeelingsActing on Basis of Current EmotionAffective Forecasting and Its Alleged InaccuracyReferencesMorality and ProspectionProspection Gone Awry: DepressionHow Dysfunctional Prospection Creates DepressionThree Faults of Depressive ProspectionSimulation of possible futures.Evaluation of possible futures.Negative beliefs about the future.A Vicious CycleImproving ProspectionHow CBT Already Targets Faulty ProspectionPromising TechniquesLimitations and Future DirectionsShortcomingsWhat Are the Risks of Emphasizing Prospection?Despair Versus DepressionReferencesCreativity and Aging: What We Can Make With What We Have LeftDefining CreativityThe Present ReviewCognition and ExpertiseCognitive AbilitiesCognitive abilities and creativity.Cognitive abilities and agingOriginalityDaydreaming and Mind-WanderingKnowledge and ExpertiseKnowledge, expertise, and aging.Intuition, Pattern Recognition, and HeuristicsPersonality and MotivationDiversity of Experience and FlexibilityOpenness to Experience, Flexibility, and Integrative ComplexityInterest and MotivationPsychological Resources: Grit, Self-Efficacy, and EnergyInterpersonal ProcessesSense of the AudienceCollaborationSummary and DiscussionMultiplying the ComponentsReferencesAfterword
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