Medical Statistics: A Discipline at the Interface of Biology and Mathematics. Equating Subjective Feelings with Probabilities and Providing Quality Criteria for Diagnostic Tests


In this book, about understanding the scientific methods of statistical reasoning and hypothesis testing in clinical research, particular emphasis was given to the requirements for study protocols and data files, differences in study designs, differences between discrete and quantitative data, and the statistical analysis of subgroup, interim, and multiplicity data. This final chapter will try and answer statements that are vital to the subject of this book, but for which adequate room was missing in the previous chapters. We will address the underneath statements.

  • 1. Statistics is to prove prior hypotheses.
  • 2. Statistics is to improve the quality of your research.
  • 3. Statistics is a discipline at the interface of biology and mathematics.
  • 4. Statistics is to better understand the limitations of your research.
  • 5. Statistics is for testing (lack of) randomness.
  • 6. Statistics is for providing quality criteria for diagnostic tests.
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