Impact on Employment, Finances

Kidney donation may impact on employment; an important concern is whether the employer will grant leave from work till the donor is completely recovered. Will the donor receive pay during investigations, operation, and post donation recovery period? It is important that the employer has knowledge and understanding about kidney donation. More significant factor being under what circumstances he/she is donating kidney. The employer’s positive attitude will help during the convalescence and periodic check-ups lifelong. The support of employer is crucial in lessening financial burden if any. Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy gives kidney donor added advantage of less hospitalisations resuming normal activities and start of work sooner.

Special Issues Like Childbearing

Female donors will be advised to postpone carrying a baby (pregnancy) for a short time and in future if planning to have a child, she should be in touch with a consultant nephrologist to assess the kidney function, during the course of pregnancy. Najarian et al. found donors to be perfectly normal; several had undergone normal pregnancies after donation [28].

Post donation information and discussion with the kidney donor and his family members about several day-to-day activities such as exercise resumption and having normal sexual activity is necessary. The counseling is directed to alleviate fear and to encourage additional lifestyle modifications for better health, such as regular physical exercise, hobby pursuits, and the incorporation of meditation or prayer. Such counseling leads to improvement in total well-being.

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