What tasks does the COR need to perform to document a contractor's performance in the agency's past performance file?

The COR will need to:

1. Document performance information

2. Notify interested parties regarding contractor performance

3. Maintain evaluations.

Documenting Performance Information

How does the COR document performance information?

The following steps are useful in identifying what type of documentation is necessary:

1. Determine whether a formal evaluation is required.

2. Document past performance information.

3. Rate past performance.

1. Determining whether a formal evaluation is required

After all work on a contract is completed, a COR should prepare a formal evaluation of the contractor's performance for all contracts over the simplified acquisition threshold.

2. Documenting past performance information

Performance evaluations must be prepared at the time work under the contract is completed. A description of the manner in which the evaluation should be done is usually provided in the contract. This description may specify:

- Which government officials should be involved in the evaluation and documentation process

- What information should be included in the documentation

- The format for documenting the evaluation.

Contracts that do not specify the evaluation procedures should, at least, require the documentation of performance information that could be used by the government in future source selection situations. Interim evaluations should be prepared on contracts with periods of performance (including options) exceeding one year. Interim evaluations should be conducted at sufficient intervals to be useful to source selection officials seeking current performance information about a contractor.

FAR 42.15 provides overall guidance regarding contractor performance information. Also, for most contracts, refer to the sample contractor performance report form shown in Appendix I of the OFPP Past Performance Guide for additional information.

Always remember, however, to follow agency-specific policies and procedures.

3. Rating past performance

The COR, as the person most familiar with the contractor's performance, should rate the contractor's performance without bias. The contract or agency policy will specify the manner in which the contractor's performance will be rated. The OFPP Past Performance Guide provides examples of possible rating areas and factors and other general guidance.

What are the sample rating areas the COR may use to rate contractor performance?

The OFPP sample contractor performance report form in Appendix I of the OFPP Past Performance Guide lists four areas of performance on which the contractor can be rated:

1. Quality of work

2. Cost control

3. Timeliness (i.e., how well the contractor adhered to the delivery schedule)

4. Business relations (i.e., the business relationship between the contractor and the contract administration team).

As a COR, questions to consider when rating performance might include:

How cooperative was the contractor in working with the government to solve problems?

Did the contractor recommend effective solutions?

Was the contractor responsive to the administrative issues in the contract (e.g. did the contractor submit adequate and timely progress reports)?

Did the contractor frequently submit unnecessary contract proposals with cost or price increases?

Ratings should reflect how well the contractor complied with specific contract performance standards for each area. Comments should be concise and should provide answers to questions about the contractor's performance that would be asked by a source selection team.

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