What other responsibilities might the COR have during closeout?

The COR may also be asked to:

Prepare a contract completion statement

The contract completion statement, which may be in the form of a memorandum, should contain the following information:

- The CO's name and address

- The contract administration office address (if different from the CO's address)

- The contract number

- The last modification number, if any

- The last call or order number, if any

- The contractor's name and address

- The dollar amount of excess funds, if any

- Invoice or voucher number and date, if final payment has been made

- Invoice or voucher number and date, if the final approved invoice or voucher has been forwarded to a disbursing office of another agency or activity and the status of the payment is unknown

- A statement that all required contract administration actions have been fully and satisfactorily accomplished

- The name, title, and signature of the record-keeping official

- The contract completion date.

Annotate the contract administration activities log

If the COR should need information from a closed-out contract file, he or she could contact the contract administration office that keeps a log of closed-out files. The closed-out files log should contain such information as:

- The date the file was closed out

- The date the file was transferred to a storage center

- Where the file was sent for storage

- A filing location provided by the storage facility. (It is of vital importance to record and safeguard the container number for stored contracts. The storage facility may not retain such information and may not be able to locate a particular contract without this number.)

Some information in contract files must be kept for a specific number of years. For example, contracts (and related records and documents, including successful proposals) exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold must be retained for six years and three months after final payment. Contracts at or below the simplified acquisition threshold must be retained for three years after final payment. Also, FAR 4.703 requires the contractor to retain contract records and documents for three years after final payment or as otherwise indicated for specific records, whichever period expires first. Other record retention requirements may stem from statutory requirements or administrative regulations as applicable.