Description of the Problem and Method to Solve It

Definition of the Problem That Is Analyzed

Over the last few years, one can observe increased involvement of direct IT system users in activities that used to be outsourced. This happens in business with regard to IT technologies and tools, which are designed in such a way that users are able to collate data and conduct analyses for their own needs. The IT tools of this kind are called prosumption tools (Gajewski 2009; Szymusiak and Toffler 2013; Toffler 1997). They offer a chance to continuously create innovative ideas and realize higher profits. The service makes innovation more likely to succeed because users, not employees of R&D departments and consultation firms, define specific needs. Depending on their needs, users can gather any data and next analyze and evaluate them. The results can help streamline the marketing operations in terms of promotion, advertising, and sales operations and planning new website goals. The assumption was that thanks to GA an organization can effectively manage its website, that is, manage the website content and traffic, in a simple way and on its own.

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