How Are These Results Meaningful for Organizations and for Future Research?

Web analytics can be used to manage the implementation of an organization’s strategy. By undertaking specific activities, it focuses on the achievement of particular goals. The decisions regarding those activities are based on the knowledge acquired from various analyses. Moreover, it provides the ability to monitor the extent to which the goals are being achieved. Such a view indicates that web analytics should be well organized and structured, and its processes should be of a continuous character. This can be attained with the help of IT.

Where, How, and When to Use It?

Every organization that wants to reach new customers, retain its existing ones, and gain a competitive edge over competitors must use IT tools in order to study the particular behavior of its website visitors. An analysis of Internet data allows for comprehensive monitoring of website operations, in particular the goals defined for the website as well as the needs of the organization, its customers, and business partners. GA is an effective tool for optimizing the management of corporate website content and traffic.

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