Purpose of the Study

The impending shortage of employees with analytical competencies (Chen et al. 2012) and the importance of cause-effect analyses for the understanding of a decision-making situation leads to the conclusion that it might be necessary to offer computer-supported cause-effect analysis to all decision makers to sustain a competitive advantage.

About the Background of This Work

Companies that apply analytics to gain a competitive advantage (Davenport and Harris 2007) can make more effective and timely decisions (Vercellis 2009). Cause- effect analysis is an important component in these analyses as it clarifies and defines a decision-making situation (Mintzberg et al. 1976) through the identification of potential causes for a specific effect.

What Is the Scope of This Work?

This chapter demonstrates the feasibility of the concept for a knowledge-based cause-effect analysis from Benjamins (2014). The concept is manually applied to an example data set to support a fictitious decision scenario by generating a multilayered decision support system (DSS) model.

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