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A short course of lectures
«Next-day job interview»

Turn Your Negative into a PositiveFollowing Up After the InterviewEnding the NegotiationThe Most Effective Job Search Method: Warm ContactsThe Top Excuse for Avoiding ResearchUsing JIST CardsWhat to Do as Soon as You Get HomeRecently MovedHow Much Do You Need to Live On?Learn the Three Types of SkillsAsk Good QuestionsHelp Employers Know Why They Should Hire YouClose the Interview ProperlyStep 1: Understand What Is Really Being AskedKey Points: Chapter 8Researching the InterviewerDon't Say No Too SoonProfessional Associations"Too Old"Overqualified/Too Much ExperienceJob and Volunteer History WorksheetGet More Information on the Careers That Interest You MostAnswer Problem Questions WellReference Books"What Sort of Pay Do You Expect to Receive?""Why Don't You Tell Me About Yourself?"Sexual PreferenceFollow-Up LettersHow to Delay Discussion of Pay Until It MattersSeven Quick Tips for Writing Thank-You NotesSources of Information on Salary and WagesThe 10 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questionsand How to Answer ThemThe Offer Is ReasonableThe Day of the InterviewKey Points: Chapter 1Help with Specific Problem Interview SituationsCreating an Effective Phone ScriptKnowing Your PriceBefore the InterviewResearching the Industry, Company, Job, and InterviewerKnow About the Specific Company, Job, and InterviewerHoover's OnlineThe Most Important Job Search Rule of AllThe Prove-It TechniqueAsking for the InterviewChanging Careers or Job History Unrelated to Your Current Job ObjectiveHow to Use E-mail and Regular Mail for Thank-You Notes and Follow-Up LettersCareer OINKWhat Are Your Salary Requirements?Ending the Phone Call in Other WaysSources of Information on Pay for Major JobsThe Three-Step Process for Answering Most Interview Questions"What Are Your Plans for the Future?"Transferable SkillsIdentify Your Transferable SkillsThe Four Stages of a Job OpeningIssues Related to Women"How Does Your Previous Experience Relate to the Jobs We Have Here?"Early Pay Discussions Can Screen You OutWhat Is Your Current Compensation?The Importance of Thank-You NotesUsing the Telephone to Get InterviewsIdentify Your Job-Related SkillsCalling Employers DirectlyMaking Cold Contactsto Find Job OpeningsFair's Four Rules of Salary NegotiationFind Good Information About the IndustryAdaptive Skills/Personality TraitsBeing FiredMilitary ExperienceStep 3: Answer the Real Question by Presenting Your Related SkillsRacial or Ethnic MinoritiesWhat the Four Stages Mean to YouBracket the Salary RangeDisability-Related IssuesEducation and Training WorksheetNew Graduate/Not Enough ExperienceThree Times When You Should Definitely Send Thank-You Notesand WhyLocal InformationCalling People You KnowMaking Warm Contactsfor Job LeadsIdentifying Hundreds of Warm Contacts with Three StepsFollow-Up Phone CallsIdentify Your Adaptive Skills and Personality TraitsKnow the Laws That Protect You from DiscriminationWhat to Say When an Offer Is MadeThe Occupational Information Network (O*NET)Key Points: Chapter 4Making Warm ContactsSix Common Types of InterviewsMake a Positive ImpressionResearching the CompanyThe Occupational Outlook HandbookKey Points: Chapter 3Knowing Yourself and What You Can DoContacting Employers by E-mailIssues Related to MenSensitive Questions About Your Personal Situation or StatusEssential Questions Your Research Must AnswerUse Control Statements to Your AdvantageCareer Guide to IndustriesOnline Resources for Company ResearchThe Guide for Occupational ExplorationKey Points: Chapter 5Step 2: Answer the Question Briefly in a Non-Damaging WayKey Points: Chapter 7The Call-Back CloseWriting Your JIST CardThis Short Book Can Make a Big DifferenceIdentify Your SkillsThe Offer Is Not What You WantSome Other Tricky QuestionsFormatting JIST CardsKnow How to Explain Your SituationThe JIST Card: A Mini-Resume and a Powerful Job Search ToolCommunicate Your SkillsQuick and Essential Tips for Tomorrow's Interview"Why Should I Hire You?""Too Young"Handling Tough Interview Questions and Unusual SituationsGaps in Your Work HistoryOther Frequently Asked Interview QuestionsThe InternetDealing with Illegal QuestionsInterview Techniques Employers Use to Psych You Out"What Are Your Major Weaknesses?""What Are Your Major Strengths?"Playing the Negotiation GameAnswering Key Interview QuestionsEight Important Actions for Interview SuccessGetting More InterviewsAnswer Open-Ended Questions EffectivelyOther Sources of Industry InformationRed-Flag Words and PhrasesHow Did JIST Cards Get Their Name?Key Points: Chapter 2Using E-mail and the Phone to Contact EmployersKnow the Probable Salary Range in AdvanceFollow Up After the InterviewOther Life Experiences WorksheetResearching the JobJob-Related SkillsThey Offer, You Want ItNow It's Time to Negotiate!Negotiating Your Salary
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