Digital Music, Computers Versus Nature

Connecting specifically digital music with nature is a curious starting point for these experiments. Using powered PA systems and more sensitive radio FM transmission technology resulted in the conclusion that it is important to move off the grid. The setting is too delicate to invade with powerful machines and impose digital music on natural places. The music has to be derived from the environment and developed from there. The power, the sound source and the electricity must come from the site, that seems like the ultimate goal. A collaboration of digital space and the environment.

By employing a variety of live sampling applications, where a sound is recorded and processed in realtime, a potential symbiosis is formed with the sonic ecology and the musicians playing. The listening is performed both ways. Respect to the environment is established.

Complex apps for tablets offer live sampling, processing, granular syntheses, and all possible audio manipulation. Sonic results merge into a music which is electro-acoustic by definition. A minimal simple setup to go out and work with is a tablet with live sampling apps such as Borderlands, FieldScaper, SAMPLR, AUM (complex app mixer), an attachable microphone, a battery powered speaker, a stereo field recorder and for documentation a camera with tripod (Fig. 5).

Antye’s field setup

Fig. 5 Antye’s field setup

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