Transitional Justice in the Asia-Pacific

Redefining Transitional Justice in the Twenty-First CenturyThree Debates in Transitional JusticeProsecution versus PardonRetributive Justice versus Restorative JusticeTop-down versus Bottom-upEmerging Trends in Transitional Justice and the Asia-PacificThe CollectionTransitional Justice in the Asia-Pacific. Comparative and Theoretical PerspectivesHistorical Background and Global TrendsTheoretical Arguments about the Origins and Diffusion of Transitional Justice MechanismsTheoretical Arguments on the Impact of Transitional JusticeThe Asia-Pacific in Comparative PerspectiveSri Lanka. Atrocities, Accountability, and the Decline of Rule of LawHistory of the ConflictAbuses throughout the ConflictEarlier Accountability Mechanisms Numerous Commissions of InquiryProsecutionsApologyConflict, Accountability, and Rule of Law in DeclineAbuses in the Final Stages of ConflictThe Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation CommissionOptions for Accountability outside Sri Lanka The UN Panel on Sri LankaInternationalized Criminal Justice?ImplicationsTransitional Justice Delayed in Aceh, IndonesiaBackground: Peace and the Transformation of AcehHuman Rights Court and Prosecutions Truth and Reconciliation CommissionAmnesty ReparationsSecurity Sector ReformGrassroots Reconciliation and Truth Seeking InitiativesConclusionTransitional Justice in Cambodia. The Coincidence of Power and PrincipleKey Features of the ECCCSuccesses of the ECCCProblems Faced by ECCCAssessing the ECCCConclusionBeyond ‘Pragmatism’ versus ‘Principle’. Ongoing Justice Debates in East TimorEast Timor: from Colonisation to ‘Transition’The Politics of Transitional Justice Decision Making since the ReferendumThe UNTAET PeriodPost-Independence DevelopmentsPost-2006 DevelopmentsInternal Nation Building and Reconciliation ImperativesUnexpected Possibilities: Recent Transitional Justice Developments and Civil Society InitiativesConclusionReconciliation and the Rule of Law in the Solomon IslandsThe ConflictUnderlying FactorsThe Outbreak of ViolenceThe Townsville Peace AgreementTransitional JusticeThe Rule of LawReconciliationTensionsThe Truth and Reconciliation CommissionTruthAccountabilityConclusionTransitional Justice in South KoreaThe Repressive Past Japanese ColonialismUnder U.S. OccupationThe Korean WarThe Military and Authoritarian RegimesTransitional JusticeAddressing Abuses under Japanese ColonialismAddressing Abuses under U.S. OccupationAddressing Human Rights Violations under Authoritarian RegimesAssessment of Transitional Justice in South KoreaAchievementsProblemsConclusionThe Three Debates and the Asia-PacificThe Adoption and Diffusion of Accountability Measures in the Asia-PacificThe Impact of Accountability Measures in the Asia-PacificThe Overall Impact of Transitional Justice in the Asia-PacificAccountability-with-StabilityThe Effects of Truth CommissionsPolicy ImplicationsBibliography
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