General Overview

Just over 50 % of research conducted in the Netherlands is financed by the private sector, 33.2 % by the public sector, 12.7 % from abroad and almost 3 % from the third sector.[1] Whilst there was a dip in private sector funding in 2009, attributed to the financial crisis,[2] private sector funding has been on the highest level since 1999 in 2014. Public funding has equally increased more or less steadily.[3] Measured in funding received, the private sector also conducts most of the research (56 %), followed by HEIs (32.1 %). All other institutions (public and third sector) put together conduct 11 % of all research in the Netherlands.[4]

  • [1] Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek 2016. According to the Centraal Bureau voor deStatistiek R&D includes basic and applied research as well as development defined similar to thedefinitions in the Frascati Manual (explanatory note belonging to the table Sect. 2).
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