The Energy Transition: An Overview of the True Challenge of the 21st Century

Historical Determinisms Shaping Tomorrow's WorldWorld Population ExplosionRise of New EconomiesEnergy Use in IndustryEnergy Use in BuildingsThe Boom of Information and Communication TechnologiesEnergy Use in TransportationImpact on Climate ChangeSummaryReferencesThe Energy Industry: Running at Full SpeedOil as the Main Primary Energy SourceTowards a Further Concentration of Oil ProductionShift of Oil Consumption to AsiaOil GeopoliticsFast-Forward in the Next 20 Years"Peak Oil": Towards a Possible System Breakdown?Oil Price SwingsThe Logic in Oil Price EvolutionShort-Term Oil Prices: The Example of the 2014/2015 Price DropThe Mid-Term Oil Price: The Need to Trigger Investments Must Eventually Pull Prices UpSummaryCoal: The Energy of New EconomiesThe Chinese MarketElectricity Production Drives the Growth of CoalCoal ReservesThe Coal MarketSummaryNatural Gas: Star Product of the Twenty-First Century?The Various Usages of Natural GasNatural Gas Production ConcentrationGeopolitics of Natural GasNatural Gas: A Serious Alternative to CoalNatural Gas ReservesSummaryThe Spectacular Growth of Electricity ProductionOverview of Electricity Production WorldwideMedium-Term PerspectivesNuclear Energy: An Energy in Decline?An Energy in Decline?Roadblocks to Nuclear DevelopmentSummaryCurrent Limits of Renewable ElectricityIntroduction to Various TechnologiesThe Spectacular but Currently Limited Development of Renewable EnergyThe Main Roadblocks to Renewable Electricity DevelopmentOther Perspectives for Renewable EnergyElectricity Market ChallengesThe Complexity of Electricity Price CalculationSummaryMassive Needs for Investments in New CapacitiesGlobal OverviewPrimary Energy Resources InvestmentsElectricity Market InvestmentsThe Energy Efficiency MarketSummaryReferencesThe New Energy Paradigm and Balance of PowerNorth America IsolationWorld's Top Energy ConsumerThe Energy-Independent ContinentThe Enlarged Arabian SeaOil from the Arabic PeninsulaAn Economy Strongly Dependent on OilThe Arabic Peninsula EconomyOil Price and Political StabilityIndia, the Great PartnerIndian Economy Takes OffGrowing Energy NeedsThe Energy Challenge of IndiaThe Border Between China and RussiaChina Gets Back on TopStrengths and Weaknesses of the Eurasian ContinentReferencesThe Path Towards a Sustainable TomorrowThe Impossible Energy EquationMassive Potential for End-Use EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency Potential in Industry SectorPetrochemical PlantsSteel IndustryCement PlantsAluminum PlantsPulp PaperElectric Motor SystemsSummaryEnergy Efficiency Potential in Buildings SectorInsulation of BuildingsHeating in BuildingsAppliances in BuildingsTowards Smarter Buildings and HomesEnergy-Efficient Data CentersSummaryEnergy Efficiency Potential in Transportation SectorLight Road Vehicles (Individual Transportation)Heavy Road Vehicles (Trucks)Air TransportationMarine TransportationSmarter TransportationSummaryRegional PerspectivesSpectacular Waste of Electrical EnergyOptimizing Conventional Electricity GenerationThe Energy of the StarsRenewable Energies to Drive a New ParadigmHuge PotentialThe Photovoltaic Solar PotentialPhotovoltaic Solar CompetitivenessA Solar Future?Regional PerspectivesTowards a Cleaner World: Fuel Switching StrategiesMore Efficient (Smarter) CitiesA Greener Industry SectorRegional PerspectivesThe Energy Equation Can Be SolvedReferencesTowards 2100Historical Continuities Shape the World of TomorrowWhat Happens Next?References
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