Environmental Problems

Spatial and temporal concentration of tourism development has been identified as an important cause for environmental problems in many local tourist destinations (Tosun 2001). Evidence shows that coastal destinations face greater environmental pressure than inland destinations (Gezici 2006). Much of the development of mass tourism in Turkey has happened without any consideration for the environment (Tosun 2001). Indeed, the concept of sustainable development was first mentioned in governmental documents only in the early 2000s (?etinel and Yolal 2009). Until this time, the natural environment was considered only as a geographic space in which mass tourism can extend, often in a haphazard way. Environmental protection is critical for long-term success of tourism in the area, as an unspoiled physical environment is one of the most important reasons tourists decide to visit a destination (Gezici 2006). This chapter will continue with a detailed analysis of the environmental problems connected to the development of mass tourism in Turkey.

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