II Introducing Alternative Tourism

Alternative Tourism: Definition and Characteristics

Istvan Egresi


Part I of this book outlined the stages in the development of mass tourism in Turkey, emphasizing the important role it has played in Turkey’s economic development strategy. However, as Egresi pointed out in Chap. 3, the rapid development of mass tourism also had some very serious negative repercussion. These negative impacts were ignored or minimized by the government during the earlier stages of tourism development, as the emphasis was on growth of the number of tourists and revenue. More recently, however, authorities started to be more preoccupied with the problems caused by mass tourism development and to look for solutions to ameliorate the situation. In order to conform to the principles of sustainable development, Turkey must:

  • (a) Increase diversity of the tourism supply in mass tourism areas and increase the profitability of mass tourism operations.
  • (b) Reduce the problems related to the seasonality of mass tourism, especially increasing full-time employment in the industry.
  • (c) Reduce the pressure on the environment and the communities in mass tourism areas by spreading tourism operation on a larger scale.
  • (d) Reduce the existing development inequalities between coastal provinces and provinces in inner and Eastern Anatolia by focusing future tourism development in the latter, based on local attractions.

This chapter starts by examining a number of possible solutions to the problems caused by mass tourism development, focusing particularly on the development of [1] [2]

alternative forms of tourism. In this sense, alternative tourism is defined and discussed in relation to a multitude of factors. In the final part, the case studies presented in Part II are shortly introduced.

  • [1] I. Egresi (H) Department of Geography, Fatih University, 34500 Buyukcekmece, Istanbul, Turkeye-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it © Springer International Publishing AG 2016
  • [2] Egresi (ed.), Alternative Tourism in Turkey, GeoJournal Library 121,DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-47537-0_4
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