Places in Which Ethnic and Cultural Characteristics Provide Attractiveness in Tourism

The environments in which some ethnic groups or culturally differing groups lived or still live also receive attention in cultural tourism. The scale of these geographical areas could vary from neighbourhoods (e.g. Balat, Istanbul for Jews and Fener, Istanbul for Rums) to much larger areas such as entire mountain ranges (the Taurus Mountains). The following are just a few examples of such ethnic cultural areas:

Macahel (Artvin)

Macahel is the name of the valley and the historical region lying between the province of Artvin in Turkey and the Autonomous Republic of Adjara in Georgia today. There are six villages (Camili, Dtizenli, Efeler, Kayalar, Maralkoy, and Ugurkoy) in Upper Macahel, which constitutes the section of Macahel in Turkey. This place is known as Camili locality today. In the recent years, pension-type accommodation services have begun to be offered in village houses. Nature excursions and the traditional Georgian foods are the main appeals in this area.

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