Dumlupinar Martyrdom, Ktitahya

The Dumlupinar Turkish War of Independence Martyrdom in Kfitahya was commissioned to be built by the city’s Ministry of Culture in 1992 in commemoration of the Turkish soldiers who lost their lives during the Dumlupinar Battle. The martyrdom was opened to visits on August 30, 1992, the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Dumlupinar.

Representing the Turkish people who fought in the War of Independence, the Militia Monument is a trio of sculptures made of bronze that stand on a marble pedestal. The middle scene of the sculpture depicts a young soldier with a rifle in his right hand and a bandolier on his shoulder; to his right, a woman stands holding her child to symbolize the ruggedness of the Turkish women who carried weapons to the front line with their children on their back; and to the soldier’s left, a bearded man, partially clad in military garb, points his hand off into the distance to symbolize the nature of the Turkish War of Independence, where the young and old alike fought.

On the hill, which is able to be reached through the marble stairs leading up to the entrance, there stands the “Mehmetfik Monument,” made of bronze and erected on a marble pedestal to represent the unknown soldiers who had lost their lives during the war. On a lawn between the entrance gate and the monument stairs lies a symbolic cemetery to honor the soldiers whose names were unknown.

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