State Cemetery Museum, Ankara

The State Cemetery was established per act no. 2549 to serve as the final resting place for the former presidents of Turkey and the close companions-in-arms of

Ataturk in the War of Independence. Through a legislative act made on November 8, 2006, the right to burial at the cemetery was conferred to former parliament speakers of the Grand National Assembly and Prime Ministers (Ankara Promotional Catalog 2013).

The museum is composed of two sections: the entrance and the basement. Personal belongings and documents belonging to the presidents, along with pictures of the presidents and War of Independence commanders, are exhibited in the museum. Visitors also have the opportunity to watch an introductory movie about the State Cemetery and many other movies about Ataturk and the War of Independence.

The Black Sea Pool, which was constructed upon the order of Grand Leader Ataturk in 1931, was restored within the framework of the construction of the State Cemetery. The Black Sea canteen was later opened to provide food and drink service during visiting hours to visitors of the recreation area by the pool.

A pathway running through the cemetery starts out with a statue symbolizing the beginning of the War of Independence, when Ataturk landed in Samsun on May 19, 1919. The road was opened to visitors under the name of “The History of the Republic Road” (Ankara Promotional Catalog 2013).

Sakarya Martyrs Victory Monument and Museum, Sakarya

This monument, built in the §ehitler Ka§i region of the Polatli province in memory of the martyrs of the Battle of Sakarya, was opened to visitors in 1973. The Sakarya Martyrs Monument consists of the monument body, statues, and a museum. The monument body is situated atop a 915-m high hill and rises up to an altitude of 970 meters, accessible through a stairway of 420 steps (Ankara Promotional Catalog 2013). The columns standing tall on both sides of the road symbolize the victory against the superior enemy forces. The museum and reliefs portraying the victory of the Turkish army are located at the end of the road. Documents and pictures from the Battle of Sakarya are on exhibit at the museum.

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