Dress Code

According to Islam, Muslim men and women are required to dress in a manner which is considered modest and dignified. First of all, neither men nor women are allowed to expose their skin between their belly button and their knee at any time. So, they must wear shorts covering their knee even when swimming among persons of the same sex. In addition, women must cover their hair and body (except for their face, hands, and feet) when men are present. Moreover, both men and women are required to wear loose clothing in order not to obviously reveal their body shape.

Besides following the dress code presented above, Muslim men and women are not allowed to stare at other persons who are not dressed properly (in accordance with the Islamic rules). Staring at (semi) naked people of the opposite sex is perceived by many Muslims to be a very serious breach of Islamic rules as this is considered to be only one step away from adultery, one of the biggest harams (forbidden by Islam). In order not to put themselves in such delicate situations, Muslim men and women are advised to avoid going to places where they may encounter tourists of the opposite sex who are not dressed appropriately. At destinations that adhere to the principles of halal tourism, Muslim tourists can rest assured that everyone, from tourists to staff, will be dressed appropriately.

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