Other Requirements of Islam-Compliant Tourism

In addition to meeting the main requirements explained above, a good halal tourism operation will also provide the following to its guests. (Razalli et al. 2012; Eid and El-Gohary 2015; Battour et al. 2010; Henderson 2010; Stephenson 2014):

  • • prayer mats in the rooms (Muslims must pray five times a day including during travel and holidays);
  • • qibla (Mecca) markers or stickers indicating the direction of Mecca in the rooms (a necessity for praying);
  • • copies of the Qur’an in the rooms or reservation desk, if possible;
  • • beds and toilets positioned away from facing Mecca (it is an element of respect in Islam);
  • • toilets fitted with a bidet shower (hygiene after using the toilet is very important in Islam);
  • • female and male prayer rooms equipped with the Qur’an and built-in wudhu facilities located outside prayer rooms, if possible;
  • • conservative television channels;
  • • art that does not depict human and animal forms;
  • • no music expressing seductive and controversial messages;
  • • no casino or gambling machines or not allocated in public places (Muslims are not permitted to visit places where gambling is practiced);
  • • appropriate entertainment for Muslims (Islamic music, etc.).
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