Tourism Accommodations

Tourism accommodations are organized under various types and their structure varies even within the same type. They are mostly are organized as hotels, motels, holiday villages, boarding houses, camp grounds, apart hotels, guest houses and bungalows in Turkey. In 2014, there was total of 9188 municipality licensed, 1117 tourism investment licensed, and 3131 tourism Operation licensed accommodation establishments. There were two mountain houses, seven village houses, and one mountain pasture house with tourism operation license (TURSAB 2015b). The total number of persons that stayed in facilities with the operation license was 40.9 million. 23.7 million were foreigners while the remaining 17.2 million were Turkish tourists (Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2015).

Tourism accommodations show two main organizational trends: There are multitudes of small firms and there are vertical and horizontal integrations. The tourism multinationals have their own extensions and branch offices of their parent companies at every important destination in Turkey. There are quite powerful hotel and vacation village chains in the integrated structure of the Turkish tourism industry. There are also large national independent hotel and vacation village chains, of which a few operate hotels in different Mediterranean, Balkan, and Turkic countries. The major independent local accommodation chains supply quality tourist housing to international tourism markets. The main development in the Turkish tourism has been the internationalization of firms and their operations in the key European markets. Hence, the development of local tourism enterprises is mostly stalled (Erdogan 2009).

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