Toxins and Contaminants in Indian Food Products

Insecticides in Indian Food ProductsIntroductionChemistry of InsecticidesDefinitionsChemical Structures of InsecticidesOrganochloridesOrganophosphorus InsecticidesCarbamatesPyrethrins and PyrethroidsMiscellaneous GroupsToxicity of Selected InsecticidesLimits of Insecticides in Indian FoodConsequences for Food Business OperatorsReferencesAflatoxins in Indian Food ProductsIntroductionChemistry of AflatoxinsThe Aflatoxin/Foodborne Diseases CorrelationTypes of AflatoxinsChemical Structure of AflatoxinsPhysiological Actions of AflatoxinsToxicity of AflatoxinsPlacement of Aflatoxins in Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011Limits of Aflatoxins in Indian Food CommoditiesChemical Structures of Crop Contaminants and Naturally Occurring Toxins Other Than AflatoxinsComparison of Aflatoxin Limits in Indian Food Law with EU StandardsIndian Market Surveys for Aflatoxin Contents in CommoditiesConsequences for Food Business OperatorsReferencesBotanical Ingredients and Herbs in India Foods or Drugs?IntroductionToxin Load Considerations in Botanical Food Ingredients, Herbs and SpicesChemistry of Ingredient-Specific Intoxicants and Skin AllergensLimonenePhellandreneGeraniolCitronellolBorneolCitralSafroleCure Aspects of Herbs and SpicesGeneral OverviewHerbs and Spices Correlations with. Tastes in the Ancient MedicinePrecautionary Measures for ConsumersReferencesOrganic Foods and Farming Practices in IndiaIntroductionAncient Indian Scenario of Foods and Farming PracticesVruksh Ayurveda and AgricultureSoil Conservation Aspects of Food Quality and Crop YieldNitrogen EnrichmentMineral Content EnrichmentOrganic Matter Stability and Surface EnlargementIndia Towards Intensive Industrial and Integrated Farming PracticesMineral Nutrients Deficiencies in Indian FoodsMineral-Deficient Foods—The Indian ScenarioConcept of Organic FarmingDefinition of Organic FarmingIndian Programme for Organic ProductionSWOT Scenario for Food Quality Assurance and Organic Certification in IndiaSWOT Analysis of Indian Food Quality Assurance SystemsSWOT Analysis of Organic Certifications in IndiaIndian Organic Products Developing in Limited Scope for Organic FarmingOrganic Products Development in IndiaIndian Food: The Safety ConcernReferencesPesticides Detection and Detrimental Chemicals in Indian Farming. Reasons for EU Border RejectionsIntroductionIndustrialisation and Release of Detrimental Chemicals into the EnvironmentEthics Regarding Protection of Biosphere from Detrimental Chemicals. Anti-pesticide Movement and Integral HumanismEffects of Toxic Metals and Other Detrimental Chemicals on Environment, Biodiversity, and Public HealthDetection of Detrimental ChemicalsDissolved OxygenPathogensHeavy Toxic Metals in Soils and WaterPesticides in Agricultural EffluentsIndia Towards Reduction of Detrimental Chemicals in FarmingReasons for EU Borders RejectionsSalmonella Detection in Indian Foods at EU BordersDespite Following Organic Farming, Pesticides in Indian Foods Seldom Detected at EU BordersAflatoxins in Indian Chilli. The Situation at EU BordersLand Reforms in India Are EssentialReferences
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