Fighting Poverty Together: Rethinking Strategies for Business, Governments, and Civil Society to Red

Fighting PovertyDefining PovertyThe NumbersThe FightMoral ImperativeParadigm ShiftsEffective StrategyPathway for the FutureI Failure of the Libertarian Approach Microcredit Misses Its MarkMicrocredit 101Micro ImpactWhy Microcredit Does Not WorkConsumption LoansMyth of the MicroentrepreneurBigger Is BetterHigh Interest RatesPotential Benefits of MicrocreditEmpowering WomenRegulate MicrocreditDeny the ProblemLack of TransparencyUnreasonable Interest RatesAbusive Loan RecoveryAlternatives to Regulation: Too Little, Too LateFormal Property RightsWhat's NextIn ConclusionMirage at the Base of the PyramidNo FortuneThe Poverty LineCounting the PoorSizing the MarketNot So ProfitableCasas BahiaHindustan Unilever Limited: Annapurna SaltAmul Ice CreamEmerging Middle ClassSingle-Serve Revolution: A DudFinancing SchemesRole of MNCsHindustan Unilever LimitedCorporate Social ResponsibilityRaise IncomeLowering PricesExaggerated Cost ReductionThe Poor as ProducersCreate Efficient MarketsHarmless Illusion or Dangerous Delusion?Romanticizing the PoorPoortainmentSlumdog MillionairePoverty TourismReal PovertyUnderstanding PovertyThe Poor as EntrepreneursThe Poor as Value-Conscious ConsumersEmpirical EvidencePoverty and AlcoholCarlsberg in MalawiFair & LovelyClaims of Doing GoodTarget MarketProduct EfficacyControversial AdvertisementsEmpowerment for WomenConstraints on Free MarketsMore Government, PleaseBroad View of PovertyII Effective StrategiesSelling Beneficial Goods to the PoorThe 4 Cs of MarketingCase StudiesEssilor and Vision CorrectionProcter & Gamble and Clean Drinking WaterGrameen Danone Foods and Child NutritionThe Cost of Capital TrapThe Unmet Needs TrapThe Affordability TrapOverestimating Purchasing PowerAdaptation TrapThe Distribution TrapThe Multiple Objectives TrapPositive ExamplesMobile PhonesNirmaAppropriate Low-Quality ProductsQuality Broadly Definedln ConclusionEmployment Is the SolutionEmploymentGrowing EmploymentDoing BusinessSmall- and Medium-Sized EnterprisesVulnerable EmploymentEconomies of ScaleTechnoServeCashew Industry in MozambiqueTechnoServe in MozambiqueMarketing Cashew NutsFostering EmploymentEmployabilityYouth Unemployment CrisisEmployment Generation and Marketing MissionAndhra PradeshIdentifying and MotivatingTrainingTransitionImpactGovernment's RolePrivate-Sector NetworkConclusionsPiecemeal ReformGovernment InterventionGovernment 101Social Value and MarketsMarket FailureEquityThree SectorsGovernment and PovertyPublic ServicesRegulationGovernment as the ProblemGovernment as the SolutionEffective GovernmentStrategic ChoicesFinancial ResourcesOrganizational EffectivenessAccountabilityBed Nets in AfricaSocial MarketingFree NetsRecent ProgressRural Sanitation in IndiaIncentive SchemeResultsCash TransfersConditional Cash TransfersOportunidadesImpactWorkfareNational Rural Employment Guarantee SchemeImpactCriticismRight to WorkIn ConclusionCivil SocietyDistinctly Different SectorsScaling UpSocial ValueAllocating the OutputGovernanceBoundariesThe Role of Civil SocietySocial Audits of NREGSBetter Vision for the Poor18ChallengesBusiness SolutionsVisionSpringPerformanceProposed SolutionRage Leading to ActionFighting PovertyMicrocredit Misses Its MarkMirage at the Base of the PyramidRomanticizing the PoorSelling Beneficial Goods to the PoorEmployment Is the SolutionGovernment InterventionCivil SocietyRage Leading to Action
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