Employment Generation and Marketing Mission

The Employment Generation and Marketing Mission is an innovative and effective organization that addresses the issue ofemploy- ment among underprivileged rural youth in Andhra Pradesh in India.53 EGMM does not help create jobs; rather it facilitates employment for the state’s rural poor youths by reducing friction in the labor markets.54 It was launched in October 2005 as an autonomous body under the Rural Development Department of the state government of Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad. It is a government organization that works closely with the private sector and with rural communities. The program works on a large scale: 101,000 youth were trained in 2009, with 73 percent placed in organized-sector jobs. EGMM first identifies and motivates the poor unemployed youths, and then provides them with brief training. It then works with companies to match these young people to jobs, and finally to make the transition to a job in the urban environment.

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