Information-Processing Domain

We coded four broad domains of information processing, with subskills where

applicable. Comparisons were categorized as one of the following:

  • • Executive functions comprised executive function batteries, dual/multi- tasking, inhibition tasks, intelligence tests, task switching, and working/ short-term memory measures.
  • • Motor skills comprised measures of hand-eye coordination and gross and fine motor skills.
  • • Perceptual processing comprised measures of attentional blink, auditory processing (tone location), change detection, enumeration, functional field of view, multiple object tracking, and object detection/matching.
  • • Spatial imagery comprised spatial batteries, card folding, mental rotation, and spatial visualization tasks.

Reliability of Moderators

Two coders were responsible for recoding the moderators, with 65 comparisons (24.5%) independently coded by both coders. Any disagreements between the two coders were resolved through discussion. Intercoder reliability on all moderators was consistently high (к = .83 to .89).

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