What Did We Do on the Project?

In our project we drew on participatory methodologies that incorporated visual and sensory ways of knowing to understand what fishing meant to young people. Young people made films about fishing to show to others. We incorporated a particular research methodology by which young people were co-researchers with the project team about the benefits of fishing. Kate Pahl and Hugh Escott from the School of Education, University of Sheffield, accompanied the young people fishing, and wrote ethnographic field notes after each trip. These were coded and analysed by theme. The fishing trips, where young people met with anglers who coached them in fishing, ran weekly from early May of 2013 to late July 2013. Follow-up discussions about the project were held in November 2013. The team also immersed themselves in the practice of fishing and read books and texts about fishing. The young people created films about the experience of fishing and wrote about fishing and its benefits.

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