I'm Singing in the Rain

Eddie, a 65 year old male diagnosed with ‘High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder’ sits alone on a park bench. Staring at the masses of people walking through, and playing, in Central Park, New York, he reflects on how all of his life Eddie has struggled to relate to people and the world outside. Here he sits, the noise of the yellow taxis, the subway, people shouting, laughing, crying; the noise, Eddie needs an escape and he needs it quickly. People not understanding Eddie has been a source of sadness for him his entire life, but when last week he was arrested under the ‘Homeland Security Act’ for monitoring and recording planes flying in and out of John F Kennedy Airport to establish the exact levels of CO2 clouding the New York air, something changed for Eddie. No longer could he go on unable to understand the people around him, knowing they will never fully understand him. Thinking back Eddie could see this moment coming for a long time, it was a time bomb waiting to go off. But now it was real, Eddie looked up one last time to see the chaos in front of him and put his hand in his pocket, he pulled out the Citalopram pills he had been stockpiling in his bedsit, along with some Citalopram oral solution to wash

Particular thanks to Arts Partnership Surrey, Culture Shift, Hannah Osmond, Rebecca Meitlis and Cindy Cox for allowing the re-analysis of the Arts Partnership Surrey Data.

© The Author(s) 2017

C. Walker et al., Building a New Community Psychology of Mental Health, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-36099-1_7

down the tablets. Ironically perhaps, a means to help Eddie through this suffering has been right under society’s nose all along.

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