Team Members’ Attitude

My view about the main problem is that we need to be more efficient to produce more and then to be able to innovate. Becoming more efficient is a condition to have innovation in place, [...] it is hard to get things into the product because the demand is there but the capability was low. [High level manager]

Our team learning opportunity is not much, we have been working with two features at the same time, we had pressure to deliver those features and we don’t have much time to dedicate to learning. It is not the priority as developing and delivering features so we don’t spend time on learning. [Team member]

Boundary Control Systems

In Agile we are in quite regular mode, working in a regular and constant time box, which is called sprint, three weeks long. At the beginning of each sprint we have half day meeting called sprint planning, where the Agile team members are looking at the sprint backlog. As team, we know our capacity and according to our estimation of it, we take items in the product backlog, pulling out user stories. Among the user stories we have also some bonus. It deals with normal work as a normal user story, but differently from it, it represents something for which team does not take a specific commitment to implement by the end of the sprint [...] It aims to full use the team’s capacity if some spare time occurs. [Scrum master]

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