A personal innovation process is always the same, whether you are creating a new work of art, or whether you are personally imaging a new business offering that combines new technologies such as Natural Language Processing with eCommerce to improve customer engagement with your website. You, the individual designer are in complete and total control of your personal process. The output of your success process is limited, however, and it is only as good as the time you contribute to it without any input other than external influences (Figure 6.1).


  • 1. Person’s mental framework has creativity, creates ides, and has willingness and passion to deliver on them.
  • 2. Physical ability or personal funding needs to be able to produce the product or service.


A visionary leader drives innovation by leveraging teams of skilled people. This can be illustrated by understanding at how a great artist works. Louis Comfort Tiffany leveraged organizations of skilled artisans to achieve his goals instead of personally creating art. He created prototypes, and guided the creative direction. In this way, he scaled up his innovation power to

The personal innovation process

FIGURE 6.1 The personal innovation process.

use existing technologies that had been used in common practice to make new things.

“Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) began his work in glass with the same tools and ingredients that had been used by artisans for thousands of years before him. Tiffany took the science of glassmaking, however, and elevated it to an art form of new brilliance and beauty. Under his watch, teams of talented designers and craftspeople translated Tiffany’s all-encompassing vision into some of the most memorable glass creations of our time. Tiffany’s studio system was not a simple enterprise; he needed specialized employees—a hierarchy of artists and artisans—to accomplish his goals.”

(Morse Museum of Art, 2016)

“Innovative leaders are creative visionaries who have big ideas and, most importantly, can motivate people around them to turn those ideas into reality.”

—(, 2015).

This level of innovation is limited by the mental process of this individual, inspirational leader and their ability to recognize or imagine great ideas, then act to inspire and drive people in the organization they lead to validate, then create their vision. This is illustrated in (Figure 6.2) as the questions and ideas are formed by the visionary leader, driven down into the organization to create, and then the organization produces the result.

The visionary-led innovation process

FIGURE 6.2 The visionary-led innovation process.

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