The cloud-based applications are announced as a magic solution for the next information era by providing better connectivity. It enables to interconnect everything to everything. Although the potential of the cloud- based applications and the positive user experience, the customer still feel anxious toward security problems. Despite the many proposed works for improving the security aspect, no one can actually warranty the security aspects.

The existing automation client server protocols are not estimated to be enough sufficient and performant to support the emerging wave of IoT in terms of data quantity and frequency. The isolated and single factories turn to interconnected factories.

In order to adopt and exploit the coming industrial revolution, the M.E.S. have to be more efficient, to handle Big Data, and to provide an opening to the internet (Cloud Computing) to support connectedness and interaction. This leads to new interfaces with other systems and devices.

The fact of interconnecting billions of devices, exponentially raises the questions toward the security aspect. One of the current research efforts concerns the “security and chip.”

A major challenge to which are faced IoT promotors is cybersecurity. As there is not any universal solution that does not present any potential threat. This delicate aspect does not clearly motivate manufacturing decision maker to follow the new wave. This is due to the fact that they surely do not want to expose their customer database, their production composition, etc.

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