The computer science community is often faced to long and endless debates about the computing platform: which is better Linux distribution or Windows one? Which is more reliable in terms of performance Mac OS or Windows?...

Such debates are not frequent in the industrial side: Windows server is a mostly used in manufacturing sites.

One of the advantages of IoT is the fact that they are based on cloud computing architecture and operate independently of the running platform. Such aspect can facilitate the migration and the opening to other platforms easily and not costly (in terms of deployment time, allocated material resources, and required human resources).


No one can deny the fact that users (particular and industrials) are greedier than ever in terms of systems’ performances. This is the main engine for the R&D placements in order to attract customer and consumers.

Similarly, as evolving manufacturing environment (c.f 5.1), the manufacturing machine ensured functionalities are evolving too. They evolve from simply executing programmed task to more independent machines endue with more independence, autonomy, collaboration, and intelligence. One promising issue is to process to corrective and preventive action in order to minimize the damages and waste.

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