The basis for forecasting is put forth at preliminary stages in the author’s publications since 1998. The idea is to apply Morph-Gentzen logic as a basis for intelligent multimedia forecasting. Figure 10.2 indicates a graphics sequent for predicting the fourth quarter earnings from the second and third combined with a market condition graph. The way a market condition graph is designed is a propriety issue. It is obtained by Morph Gentzen sequents from known stock market parameters. The enclosed are example stock trading and forecasting interfaces.

Stock forecasting. (Courtesy of

FIGURE 10.2 Stock forecasting. (Courtesy of


The fast track to real media content management is a media asset management environment that allows vendors and customers media applications to interoperate seamlessly within the IBM DB2 Digital Library infrastructure. Asset management is an important area to the efficient intelligent multimedia computing. Cost-effective management of digital content is expected to be another frequent topic. IBM’s Grand Central Media “Grand Central Media” provides media asset management that enables a company to manage, secure, share, locate and reuse digital media files. The IBM solution also allows media and entertainment executives to import and index digital content and combine search requests into one results list that can be graphically browsed and shared with others world-wide. IBM Grand Central Media is part of the company’s suite of Digital Library applications that are being used by leading film studios, advertising firms, and broadcast and stock footage houses. The Web-based solution supports the synchronization of databases at different physical locations or on wide-area networks.

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