Football Fandom and Migration: An Ethnography of Transnational Practices and Narratives in Vienna an

(Turkish) Football: A Politically Charged Research Field?Turkified?!Research Foci and Structure of the BookApproaching the FieldAnthropological and Sociological Approaches to Football Fandom in the Nexus of Gender, Migration and TransnationalityGender DiscoursesMigration and Transnationality DiscoursesA Theoretical and Methodological Approach to Ethnographic Research on Migration and IntersectionalityMigrationIntersectionality and EthnographyEntering the FieldThe Research FieldSibel, Cem, Sinan, and SelinEmre, Alper, Ayla and the Fenerbahge PubMetin, His Family and the Supporters from the Fenerbahge Fan BusMerve, Sedat, Mehmet and the Young Fenerbahge Fan ClubEntering the Field: The Fenerbahge PubMobilities and the Role of the ResearcherEmotional Practices and Bodily PerceptionsA 'Key Emotional Episode'ConclusionThe Plurality of Us and Them: Performing Loyalties and RivalriesOrientalism, Segmentation, and EncompassmentOrientalismSegmentationEncompassmentIntersecting and Ternary GrammarsNarratives and Practices of Doing Kinship and Doing HomeNarratives of Doing Home, Belonging and KinshipNarratives of Negotiating EuropePlaying Love and HateNegotiating EuropeNarratives of Distance and ProtestThe Gezi Protests and Narratives of DistanceExperiences of Disrespect35 and Narratives of ProtestPractices of EmbodimentDecoding in the Viennese Context (Negotiated Position)Translocal Practices and Changing the CodesConcluding Remarks on Selfing and Othering PracticesGerd Baumann's Three Grammars: Orientalism, Segmentation, and EncompassmentThe Intersection of Ethnicity, Gender and Social Class in Fan Narratives and PerformancesPerformances of Conflicting Masculinities and Conflicting EthnicitiesMasculinity Versus Masculinity? Going to Salzburg IEthnicising Practices: Going to Salzburg IIGender and Ethnicity: Swearing and Coffee HousesSedat and Mehmet: Constructing Gender Differences via Swearing PoliciesMerve: Reproducing and Breaking the Code'Self-Turkified'Differing Perceptions of Gender Roles and Feminism: Transnational DiscoursesPerformances of Social Class and EthnicityConcluding Remarks on Ethnicising Practices and Its Intersection with Gender and ClassSelf-Images and Self-RepresentationsEthnicising Football FandomEthnicising Class and GenderEthnicisation of the Research FieldBibliography
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