Approaching the Field

This chapter offers a review of the relevant literature for this research with a focus on anthropological and sociological research that deals with transnationalism, gender and migration. This review includes football fan literature from the German-speaking European Ethnology and literature from all over Europe including Turkey that was originally published in English or later translated into English (especially French and Turkish literature). It specifically discusses literature on and about transnationalism, gender and migration due to the fact that these are the central aspects of this research on football fandom.1 The second part of this chapter then focuses on the theoretical framework of the book. It offers a critical approach to the concept of migration. It further reflects on the theoretical embedment of this research in the framework of anthropology. [1]

This reflection includes an introduction to the methodological realm of the concept intersectionality and its theoretical value for the analysis of the ethnographic fieldwork that I conducted for this research.

  • [1] The literary review does neither seek to be a comprehensive overview of football fan literature norof ethnographic approaches to fan cultures or to Turkish-Austrian migration. It instead aims tohighlight the crossings where these three threads meet. The literary review furthermore particularlydiscusses the works that have deeply impacted the underlying research by either having added valuable perspectives to the topic or by helping to dismiss a certain approach. Since this book is institutionally, methodologically and theoretically affiliated with the discipline of the German-speakingEuropean Ethnology, I will particularly also discuss research that stems from this academic strand. © The Author(s) 2017 13 N. Szogs, Football Fandom and Migration, Football Researchin an Enlarged Europe, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-50944-0_2
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