Emre, Alper, Ayla and the Fenerbahge Pub

Emre is the owner of the Fenerbahqe Pub. He has lived both in Vienna and in Istanbul throughout his childhood and teenage years. He is familiar with both cities regarding football fan practices and issues. Alper is the main bartender in the Fenerbahqe Pub during football matches. He grew up in Vienna and learned and practiced his fandom predominantly in Austria. Ayla is one of the female guests who frequents the Fenerbahqe Pub with her female and male friends. She regularly goes to Turkey to visit friends and family and to buy Fenerbahqe merchandise. All of them are in their twenties, went to school in Vienna, work in blue-collar jobs or have professions that do not require a university degree. Ayla and Alper are an example of fans that have predominantly lived in Vienna and that have parents who are either first- or already second-generation migrants from Turkey. Emre represents fans that were socialised both in Vienna and in Istanbul. Ayla and Emre were also interested in politics in Turkey in terms of the Gezi protests. Many of the pub visitors are in their twenties and thirties but also older men frequent the pub during match days. Guests from the Fenerbahqe Pub eventually led me to different fan clubs in Vienna.

Both the Fenerbahqe Pub and the Football Restaurant are located in districts in Vienna that accommodate many other Turkish shops and restaurants. The Fenerbahqe Pub will be described in further detail in the following section. Most notably however, the Fenerbahqe Pub is known for a certain diversity of people that frequent it. Contrary to the group of fans from Istanbul that are quite homogenous in terms of education, interests, and political views, the pub consists of people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Men and women go there, blue-collar people as well as some white-collar people, conservatives, liberals, Fenerbahqe, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor fans, people that grew up in Istanbul, people that never go to Istanbul and so on. The Fenerbahqe Pub cannot be considered as a leftist bobo[1] or hipster place, which are very popular in Vienna and which the students from Istanbul usually visit.

  • [1] Bourgoise-boheme.
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