Metin, His Family and the Supporters from the Fenerbahge Fan Bus

I accompanied Metin to two football matches in football stadia (to a Fenerbahqe match in Salzburg and to a Galatasaray match in Istanbul). He is in his mid-forties and has a teenage daughter and a teenage son, who are also passionate Galatasaray fans like himself. He lives with his wife and children in a Viennese suburb. Metin regularly goes to the stadium in Istanbul and is an example for someone who has actively integrated his family into his football fandom practices. He has a working class background and is the only one in his family who was born and raised in Turkey.

I met Metin in a crowd of Fenerbahqe fans who were on their way to a Fenerbahqe match in Salzburg. The whole trip was organised by the official Fenerbahqe Fan Club in Vienna. Metin’s friend Birol, also a Galatasaray fan, was accompanying him to this match. The trip to the Fenerbahqe match in Salzburg was particularly insightful for this research. Here, four men with different, sometimes contrary, political affiliations were confronted with my presence in the fan bus (Chap. 5). Whereas Birol, Metin and the Fenerbahqe fan Demir are examples of liberal men that do not take their own constructed masculinity and ethnicity too seriously, Ayhan is as a conservative counter pole in this nexus.

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