Merve, Sedat, Mehmet and the Young Fenerbahge Fan Club

One of the Fenerbahqe fan clubs in Vienna was founded especially for younger Fenerbahqe fans. The aim of this fan club is to include children, teenagers and young grown-ups into a family-like environment to support Fenerbahqe. When I first met this group, they did not have their own club house yet, so we met at different places mostly close to the Fenerbahqe Pub and sometimes even in the Fenerbahqe Pub. In terms of social class and education, the people from the Young Fenerbahqe Fan Club are similar to the group of people that frequent the Fenerbahqe Pub. Regarding politics and gender roles, however, they sometimes displayed rather conservative views. The owner of the Fenerbahqe Pub, Emre, and the regular Fenerbahqe Pub visitor, Ayla, introduced me to Sedat and Mehmet. They are the main organisers of the fan club for young Fenerbahqe fans in Vienna. At an event of the Young Fenerbahqe Fan Club I finally met Merve. Merve used to be an active member in the Young Fenerbahqe Fan Club. Later, I also met her in the Fenerbahqe Pub. Merve is 21 years old and works in child care. Sedat is 18 years old and still goes to school. Mehmet, who is 27 years old, works in a nonprofessional job.

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