Performances of Conflicting Masculinities and Conflicting Ethnicities

On 31 July 2013, I joined a group of Fenerbahqe fans on a fan bus to Salzburg. Fenerbahqe was playing Red Bull Salzburg in the Qualifying Round for the Champions League. The official Fenerbahqe Fan Club in Vienna had organised the trip and the bar owner Emre supported me in contacting them so I could join them. In many terms the bus trip was extraordinary. The whole journey lasted 14 hours. On the bus, strangers were sitting next to each other. It was an extraordinary event within the cycle of everyday practices of watching football. Nevertheless, in some aspects the trip did not differ from other football events that I observed. This particularly applied to practices regarding the (re)production of gender and ethnicity. These performances are central to the fan practices of Galatasaray and Fenerbah^e fans in Vienna. The bus trip to Salzburg is particularly insightful regarding this matter because different performances of gender and ethnicity amalgamated in just one event. The bus trip thus was one of the key events of the research.

In the following, selected fieldnote sections of this trip will illustrate the negotiation of masculinities and femininities particularly with regard to a constructed ‘Turkish masculinity’. Furthermore, I will discuss how differences are negotiated in this group with regard to controlling images. Thereafter, this section will be followed by a further analysis of the bus trip to Salzburg. Those fieldnote sections will offer further insights into the interaction and negotiation of my presence in the bus and also of the football encounter with an Austrian team.

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