Gender and Ethnicity: Swearing and Coffee Houses

Similar to the subchapter before, the following part of this book will also deal with masculinities, femininities and ethnicising practices. In the following the focus will shift to ethnicising practices with regard to the construction of gender roles in Viennese football places, particularly pubs, and the role of the emotional practice of swearing in this construction. I will look into the practices of producing and maintaining gender inequalities in narratives about swearing. I will then discuss how these narratives also produce and maintain spatial boundaries in a Viennese football environment. In the following interview sections, controlling images from the chapter before will reoccur and will be supplemented by new ones. In this subchapter I will mainly focus on the two organisers, Mehmet and Sedat, of the Young Fenerbahqe Fan Club and its former member and co-organiser Merve.

The ‘Fan Club for Young Fenerbahqe Fans in Vienna’ addresses, as its name suggests, predominantly younger Fenerbahqe fans in Vienna. The club understands itself as an organisation that obtains a social commitment to include children, teenagers and young adults in a safe and family-like environment. The organisers are eager to provide a welcoming and supportive community via the football experience. The people from the fan club do interact with the people from the Fenerbahqe Pub. I had contacted the club via Ayla, who had strongly recommended that I meet with the organisers of the Young Fenerbahqe Fan Club for my research. Also, Emre, the pub owner, knew the club and its members very well. At that time I was not only strongly dependent on Ayla and Emre in terms of access to the field, I also appreciated them (and still do) for their sociability and openness. Therefore, when I met with Mehmet and Sedat for an interview I was a little surprised about their quite different opinion on how men and women should interact in general and in a football environment particularly. At that time I had met them twice before at fan club events and they agreed to meet for an interview. In the following, I will mainly refer to the interaction of Mehmet, Sedat and Merve. In a second step, I will then discuss how the fan club is perceived and discussed in the environment of the Fenerbahqe Pub.

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