Electricity Generation in Spain

In Spain, power generation has increased by 0.4% in 2015 compared with 2014 (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica 2016). However there is not the same quantity of GWh obtained from each power source, the percentages have changed from 2014 to 2015. The power generation in Spain is distributed in the following way (Table 5).

The power generation by nuclear and carbon sources are the methods used most. This is a negative point or not, taking into account the environmental and hazardous consequences of this technology. Referring to 2014, the use of nuclear is 1.80% lower but it is still the most used power source along with carbon which is 21.90% higher. This increase in electricity production, using carbon sources, contributes directly to the CO2 emissions, creating approximately 50 million tonnes. The total CO2 provided by power generation was almost 75 million tonnes during 2015 and the use of renewable energy sources has decreased by 44.30% since the end of 2014 and the end of 2015; this is bad taking into account the necessity to increase these power sources (hydraulic, wind power, solar and renewable thermal) that they

Table 5 Electric power source generation distribution in Spain

Power source

Total GWh

% 15/14










Combined cycle



Cogeneration and others



Renewable energies



represent just the 34.36% of total energy production in the country at the present time (Red Electrica de Espana 2015).

This is very bad news and confirms the need for change, by finding alternative sources of energy which create less pollution. Due to this being an important issue for the planet’s health, there are measures which have been put into place and should be achieved by 2050 with total decarbonisation of all European countries, this would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (Regulation (EU) No 566/2011).

Measurements will be useful but without total implication, it will be not possible to obtain the targets, like increasing the use of renewable power sources by 55% of the gross final energy consumption, lower the use of nuclear energy and obtain the improvement energy efficiency of the country and Europe.

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