The current transport system is practically the same as 15 years, although it has developed, this is not enough in reference to emissions of polluting gases, which is reflected in this document.

As mentioned above (quantities of gaseous pollutants, non-compliance with air quality standards, improvement of the transport system), it is correct to say that pollution information is alarming, in that it is exceeding the limits set and not finding efficient solutions. This pollution is contributing to the increase in gases related to the greenhouse effect and damaging the planet. If efforts are not invested in improving the current situation, future pollution and resource scarcity will cause an irreversible and irreparable damage. However, the need is too great to avoid environmental sanctions for large companies and countries that focus on hiding their actual emission levels and very few are seeking solutions.

This paper have shown the true problems caused by the use of road transport with fossil fuels, which includes the increase in the greenhouse effect and the climatic deterioration. The main objective is to use renewable energy such as the electric vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles, which emits 0% of direct pollutants, 0% of noise pollution and are much more efficient than ICE vehicles. Through the use of electric vehicles, it will contribute to the most notable reduction of pollution in many cities.

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