Needs of Follow-Up Tools for SEAPs Implementation

Mostly all the municipalities belonged to the Covenant of Mayors network, and had already developed their SEAP. SEAP defines the activities and measures set up to achieve the targets (reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions), together with time frames and assigned responsibilities. Every two years the municipality has to report on its SEAP implementation, to check the compliance of the interim results with the foreseen objectives in terms of measures implemented and CO2 emission reductions. But tools and/or follow-up instruments for monitoring are lacking.

Need of Decision-Support Tool for Energy Planning

It was fully agreed that cities and service providers need a tool that allows them to design and evaluate different scenarios and alternatives based on a defined set of attributes. This tool would be very useful to prioritize group of actions per different criteria as: set a feasible level of investment maximizing energy savings, given an emission saving target find the cost-optimal set of actions or define sets of actions with a balance between short- and long-term payback.

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