The daily shift in the emergency department (ED) working on a psychiatric consultation team involves multiple facets that the treatment team, including the clinician and administration, needs to be aware of in order to ensure that the patients are receiving satisfactory care. Staff need to be properly trained for the patient’s care, they need to have access to and demonstrate proficiency in appropriate documentation in the patient chart, and they need to be able to consistently communicate the treatment plan with the team. This chapter outlines recommended guidelines for the creation and implementation of treatment teams to help provide consistent and appropriate care for the patient with behavioral health needs in the ED setting. In addition to the team framework, this chapter reviews process flow and documentation standards to facilitate optimal operations.

Operational Processes: Benefits

Creating a consistent daily process that the entire treatment team can follow has numerous benefits for quality of patient care and outcomes in general. If you are an administrator reading this book, in order to create your own effective emergency department workflow dealing with the psychiatric patient population, the benefits outlined subsequently can be used to help guide you in this planning process.

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